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Johh Kerry for President [entries|friends|calendar]
For us, hope does not fade

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[04 Jul 2006|02:51pm]

I am concerned about the possibility of parole for the prisoner Mark David Chapman, who was imprisoned in 1980 for the murder of John Lennon. I feel that this man should be denied parole. Mr. Lennon had never committed any infraction against Chapman. In fact, on the day of his murder, Mr. Lennon gave Chapman an autograph. If Chapman could kill a man he did not even know, what else is he capable of, let loose on the street?

Not only this, but he has continued to "cash in" on his fame by way of frequent press interviews, making it clear that he is more interested in maintaining his notoriety than searching for redemption through hard work. In the aforementioned interviews, the man seems to regard his merciless slaying of Mr. Lennon with a childish "I won't do it again" attitude as opposed to a true sense of remorse.

Mr. Lennon was a great asset to New York City. He frequently donated to charities, such as when he donated the finances needed for the New York Police Department to acquire bulletproof vests. It has been written that he gave one tenth of his income each year to a charity for spastic children. He constantly spoke out for peace and understanding. Now, due to this bloodthirsty act of violence, we as a world have lost a visionary of peace.

If you agree with me that this man should in no way, shape, or form be paroled this October, please sign my petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/rem128. This petition gained acclaim in the newspapers when it was first started two years ago (the last time Chapman went up for parole), and hopefully we will be able to have that success again and show that no one wants this man back on the streets. Thank you very much.
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Oh my, WHAT Kerry said about Alito today! [19 Jan 2006|12:39pm]

[ mood | happy ]

... lovingly pilfered from the DU Kerry group, for those of you (like me) who missed hearing it.

Read it and feel your love grow.

*hugs JK*

I *HIGHLY* recommend reading the paragraph on empty promises and comparisons to Clarence Thomas' hearings. Obviously, Kerry has been listening to me. :-)

We simply cannot rely on promises that nominees make to the Judiciary Committee. --My PresidentCollapse )

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My Political Blog [02 Jan 2006|11:27pm]

I've started a new Political Blog. I've posted a few entries there already. I just wanted to share it with anybody here who's interested in reading/commenting. You can find it at http://blog.amberholt.us.
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[02 Jan 2006|10:18pm]

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VCR Alert: JK on TV Tonight! [26 Oct 2005|06:14pm]

JK will be on Hannity and Colmes. That's at 9:00 in most areas. On (gag, ralph) Fox News.
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[19 Aug 2005|11:13am]


Does anyone know how I could find out if Kerry will be coming to the Philadelphia area anytime soon?

I looked on his site, but there were just a bunch of dates in May.
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A New Kerry/Edwards Vid!! [20 Jul 2005|11:53am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

My friend Joanna Wolff made this vid to the tune of "Bring Me To Life" and you really should see it; it brings back all the memories of what the campaign meant to us. I think it may be the first K/E vid to use video clips, not only still pictures, and it's wonderful to see the guys in action (though the clips she used were kind of low-res, so it looks better if you play it in a smaller window). You can download it here:


Feel free to post comments on the vid here and I'll pass them on!

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Saw this in USNEWS [20 Jul 2005|07:58am]

They had a little blurb about Kerry on US News Magazine. I found a link.
One Childhood Wish Comes True
"He's a really rich guy who's got just about every toy a boy ever wanted and done virtually everything he's dreamed of. Still, there are a few holes in Sen. John Kerry 's personal resume. Being president is the most obvious. But he's harbored two other dreams much longer: sitting at Fenway Park for a game with Red Sox great Ted Williams and being an astronaut, a wish sparked when he and some high school pals lay out on a grassy Massachusetts field and watched Sputnik pass overhead years ago.Read more...Collapse )
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JK on the Today Show [30 Jun 2005|01:31am]

JK was on the Today show for a few minutes Wednesday morning (this was in addition to his appearance on Larry King Tuesday night). Once again he did a great job and came off sounding very presidential. If you missed it, the video is here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8401719/ It may get moved to the Today Show page which is elsewhere on the MSNBC site; I've managed to save it to my hard drive, so if it disappears altogether, LMK and I'll e-mail it to you.
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It's already shown once in most areas, but it should be showing again at midnight, on CNN. Check your local listings.
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DailyKos members, please recommend this excellent diary on Kerry's Iraq floor speech! [28 Jun 2005|05:58pm]

Link to diary here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/6/28/165638/970

Recommend it, if you can, so we can keep it on the front page, and please share your comments, too!

It's possible Kerry's speech (from today's senate session) will be repeated after Bush's Iraq speech tonight, but I"m not sure if it will be on C-SPAN 1 or C-SPAN 2... Watch the schedules!

ETA: I see I've just duplicated jkb's post on the same topic, below! Still, I'm leaving this up so you can have two chances to think about recommending this great diary. :-) And keep your eyes peeled for a repeat of the speech tonight!
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Kerry calls on Bush to commit to no permanent bases on Iraq [28 Jun 2005|05:16pm]

I've just put up a diary at DailyKos about Kerry's speech on the floor of the Senate today, his e-mail to supporters, his NYTimes Op Ed, and his previous statements on Iraq. There are links to text of the speech, the e-mail, etc. Please read & recommend if you're so inclined.

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Kerry's kick-ass speech on Karl Rove [23 Jun 2005|10:49pm]

Kerry blasted Karl Rove from the floor of the Senate today. There's a diary with a complete transcript up at DailyKos, and it also has a link to video of the speech at Dembloggers. (DailyKos members, please consider Recommending the diary -- not for the sake of my ego (all I did was transcribe JK's remarks), but so more people will see what Kerry said. It's on the Recommended list right now and it'd be nice if it'd stay there for a bit.)

It's at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/6/23/213640/597
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Something new under the sun: Someone has figured out how to wage peace... [09 Jun 2005|11:26am]

It is a very small start, but it could be the beginning of something grand.
June 9, 2005
In Balkans, Video Letters Reconcile Lost Friends

PARIS, June 8 - Documentary film directors are often inspired by a dose of idealism, and even by the belief that their exposure of some atrocity or injustice can stir public outrage and government action. But rare is the case where filmmakers actually set out to do good and can claim to have achieved it. Eric van den Broek and Katarina Rejger are two such directors.

Five years ago, having already made several movies about the aftermath of the Balkan wars of the 1990's, the Dutch couple embarked on an extraordinary project called "Videoletters, " designed to further reconciliation among people from the former Yugoslavia who had once been friends and who had been separated and even alienated by the bloody nationalist conflict.

The idea was simple: someone who had lost touch with, say, a childhood friend or a lifelong neighbor from a different ethnic group was invited to record a message. The directors then traced and showed the video letter to the "lost" friend, who was usually eager to reply. In most cases, the exchange resulted in an emotional reunion.

What has given these experiences political weight, however, is that since April, nine of these video letters have been broadcast by television stations in each of the seven nations that were once Yugoslavia - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.

"I think in general the reaction has been very positive," Mr. van den Broek said Monday in a telephone interview from Montenegro, a stop on a bus tour across the former Yugoslavia in which he and his partner are showing video letters in villages. "It's about people and that's what they recognize. It's not about politics."

Six of these video letters will be shown at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival (hrw.org/iff), opening Thursday at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center in New York. It will screen 20 feature movies and documentaries through June 23. "Videoletters," to be shown in two groups between June 19 and 23, is also the winner of the festival's 2005 Nestor Almendros Prize, named after the late Spanish cinematographer. The festival's program includes films set in Northern Ireland, Kenya, Iraq, Brazil, China, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Palestine as well as the former Yugoslavia - movies that might otherwise never reach a wider public. More fundamentally, though, the festival is itself a declaration of cinema's power to expose human rights abuses and to celebrate those who combat them.

Rather than revisiting horrors, the project seeks to demonstrate that reconciliation is possible, starting with individuals for whom ethnic differences were unimportant - many former Yugoslavs are themselves of mixed extraction - until the conflicts convulsed their lives.

In "Ivana and Senad," one episode to be shown, Ivana Nikolic, a Serb, records a video letter to Senad, a Muslim boy with cerebral palsy whom she informally adopted at a Belgrade hospital and who fled the city when war erupted. After a lengthy search, which leads first to Senad's peasant parents, Mr. van den Broek and Ms. Rejger find the boy in another town and show him Ivana's message. They filmed Ivana's reunion with Senad.

"Emil and Sasa" recounts how the war separated two youths who grew up in Pale, the wartime capital of the Serb-dominated area of Bosnia. Emil, whose father is Muslim, fled to the Netherlands, while Sasa, whose father is Serb, was recruited into the Bosnian Serb Army. Now Sasa reaches out with a video letter, but Emil is troubled by rumors that Sasa killed a Muslim acquaintance in the war. Sasa fervently denies the accusation and Emil finally agrees to talk it all over in person.

Mr. van den Broek said that at first many people were unwilling to make video letters for fear of being rebuffed or of being thought traitors. "It was easier to deliver them because we would tell people they'd received a video letter and ask if they'd like to see it," Mr. van den Broek recalled. "We wouldn't say who sent it, so they were curious. And when they saw it, they'd break down in tears."

Only in two cases, he said, did recipients refuse to respond. In the divided city of Mostar, a Muslim sent a video letter to a Croatian friend who lived nearby but whom he had not seen in nine years. Mr. van den Broek said the Croatian consulted a Catholic priest, who ordered him not to respond. And in a second case, he said, a Serb refused to answer a video letter from a Muslim friend because he feared it would become known that he had fought alongside the Muslims.

Now, bolstered by good television ratings, the project has grown. Its website (videoletters.net) offers guidance and information. Actors and singers have recorded video letters to fellow artists of other nationalities. Across the region, there are 60 places where people can record their own video letters. Bosnian radio stations now announce when a video letter has arrived from Serbia so that, if willing, its addressee can come forward.

Accompanied by a multiethnic team of 25, including a five-piece band, Mr. van den Broek and Ms. Rejger have also begun showing video letters and organizing debates in different communities. "We start the day at school, where children are invited to draw their 'dream flags' instead of national flags," Ms. Rejger said. "Sometimes children bring their parents to the screening. Others come because they have seen the video letters on television."

She says that she and Mr. van den Broek have also been welcomed in towns where once they were not. And in two war-scarred towns, she says, officials are now cooperative. Pale's mayor, for instance, recorded a video letter to mayors across the former Yugoslavia, while the mayor of Srebrenica, where 7,000 Muslims were massacred in 1995, sent a conciliatory message back.

The directors have been approached by the Dutch government with the idea of expanding their project to Israel and Palestine, Russia and Africa. "We don't want to do it ourselves, but we'd like to train people and offer our support," Mr. van den Broek said. "We've become managers of a great team, but we'd like to film again."


Hopefully someone in Civil affairs in Iraq will read this and start assembling teams RIGHT NOW.

An often relearned lesson is that it is VERY hard to create peace with armed force (short of actually killing EVERYBODY)..

Making peace, as opposed to ending a war... a brand new paradigm. perhaps too late for our current crisis, but we've been improving our capacity to prosecute war since the founding of the species and giving a real effort at this for a few centuries would certainly be worthwhile..

This is a new beginning and perhaps this and other things could justify a 'Department of Peace'..not as a utopian ideal, but a real adjunct to policy and execution.

We have the best war making and war ending machine in the history of the world.. the ONLY thing that seems to frustrate them is the inability to actually MAKE peace. The military as whole has protested rightly all along that this is a very very different job for the one they've trained and been organized to do. So perhaps research into , and funding and training for an organization that MIGHT be a start in this direction makes sense.

And if it takes a half century or even a century to really become effective wont it still be worth the effort?
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[09 Jun 2005|06:40am]

Politics: Patriot Act to be Expanded
Posted by samzenpus on Thursday June 09, @05:39AM
from the big-brother dept.
m4dm4n writes "It seems that the patriot act is being expanded rather than scaled back after a vote late Tuesday by the Senate Intelligence committee. The FBI has gained new powers to demand documents from companies without a judge's approval, as well as the ability to designate subpoenas as secret and punish disclosure of their existence with up to one year in prison."

June 7, 2005 7:22 PM PDT
Senate panel votes to expand Patriot Act
Forget scaling back the Patriot Act.

Instead, the controversial post-9/11 law would be expanded to give the FBI new powers to demand documents from companies without a judge's approval, according to a vote late Tuesday by the Senate Intelligence committee.

Read more...Collapse )
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My new DailyKos thread in defense of Kerry [05 Jun 2005|06:01pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

What say you go on over and check it out. Maybe recommend it.


(Cross posted to kerrysolidarity, johnxjohn)

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Excellent Kerry speech coming up on CSPAN-2 [19 May 2005|10:11pm]

Kerry's speech from earlier today will be reshown on CSPAN-2 in a few minutes, and again later this evening -- it's part of the program listed as Kennedy and Byrd.
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Kerry's floor remarks on the filibuster! [20 May 2005|04:44pm]

The thread from Daily Kos has a couple of links to transcripts. Maybe sounds??

As the diary writer sez: My President is on fire today!

(Just ignore the he-and-Frist-should-get-a-room response. Tosser.)

I love him. Love love love love love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.........
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Something to make you feel better. [13 May 2005|04:27pm]

Just thought you might want to read some of the results to the latest Kos flip-flop Kerry thread. It was *so* good to read these replies:

Ahhhh...Collapse )
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On a lighter note... Kerry is on top! [10 May 2005|03:35pm]

On that Newsday post I linked to a few days back -- the article about how Hillary and Giuliani top the polls for 2008 -- they have a poll you can vote in for who you want for 2008. Right now, it's Kerry on top with 192 votes. Next is Giuliani with 187. Hillary is way below with 123. And Edwards has 79 (I'm pretty sure several of those are the same person, because two nights ago at about 3:30 in the morning, Edwards suddenly started going up by about one vote per minute, while no one else went up at all; I think it was someone flushing their cookie somehow and re-voting. I got curious to see, "How far are you going to take this?" -- they got him up to 69 and then stopped. But what the heck, Edwards really does have a lot of supporters, plus at least one is fairly resourceful with a computer, which can come in handy. *BG*)
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