Joanna K. Blaidd (jkb) wrote in johnkerry08,
Joanna K. Blaidd

On a lighter note... Kerry is on top!

On that Newsday post I linked to a few days back -- the article about how Hillary and Giuliani top the polls for 2008 -- they have a poll you can vote in for who you want for 2008. Right now, it's Kerry on top with 192 votes. Next is Giuliani with 187. Hillary is way below with 123. And Edwards has 79 (I'm pretty sure several of those are the same person, because two nights ago at about 3:30 in the morning, Edwards suddenly started going up by about one vote per minute, while no one else went up at all; I think it was someone flushing their cookie somehow and re-voting. I got curious to see, "How far are you going to take this?" -- they got him up to 69 and then stopped. But what the heck, Edwards really does have a lot of supporters, plus at least one is fairly resourceful with a computer, which can come in handy. *BG*)
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