dakrix (dakri) wrote in johnkerry08,

Saw this in USNEWS

They had a little blurb about Kerry on US News Magazine. I found a link.
One Childhood Wish Comes True
"He's a really rich guy who's got just about every toy a boy ever wanted and done virtually everything he's dreamed of. Still, there are a few holes in Sen. John Kerry 's personal resume. Being president is the most obvious. But he's harbored two other dreams much longer: sitting at Fenway Park for a game with Red Sox great Ted Williams and being an astronaut, a wish sparked when he and some high school pals lay out on a grassy Massachusetts field and watched Sputnik pass overhead years ago.
Teddy Ballgame's dead now, and the space thing's a bit out of reach. But that was until an old friend re-entered Kerry's life last week making good on a promise that touched on both of Kerry's childhood dreams.
It was Tuesday morning when former Sen. John Glenn called Kerry at his Senate office. A Kerry mentor who was the first astronaut and a copilot with Williams in Korea, Glenn reminded his pal that they had agreed during the 2004 campaign to watch the next space shuttle flight together. "Wanna go?" asked Glenn. Heck, yeah, said Kerry, and they were off early Wednesday to Florida. While the liftoff was postponed and the two returned home, Kerry told friends he had had a great time as Glenn regaled him all day on the thrill of spaceflight. "It was like watching a game at Fenway with Ted Williams," Kerry said. "A great memory.""
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